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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong


Alydia Bryant

It takes a lot of effort and confidence to start something new. A new workout plan, nutrition guidelines, job, or daily disciplines all take a commitment to change and a drive to want results. Our problem is often the way we define those results.  If our efforts are not recorded or planned in a measurable fashion then seeing progress is over taken by our lack of patience and we don’t feel successful! When we feel like our hard work is not reaching our standards we evaluate our plan. Was there a plan? or did we just jump in to a sea of possibilities. A plan is absolutely necessary to reaching any goal. That plan needs to be reasonable, flexible at times and specific. We are all human beings who like to leave things open to interpretation. So humor me for a second while I lay out a week that I know I can relate to…. and I’m sure you can too… 


ex. GOAL: work out 3-5 times a week.

Monday: 5 sets of 20 swings  (takes approximately 5-10 mins)

Tuesday: Well I took it kinda light on monday so I should probably work a little harder today.  But now its 3 pm and I snoozed this morning and didn’t wake up in time to work out. I have work to do, dinner to make, ah and my house needs cleaning…… well its only tuesday and I said 3-5 times a week I can still get 5 days in…..

Wednesday: Todays the day! I took a TRX class at Iron and Grace! Worked out for a solid hour and I’m ready for my day.

Thursday: So I was going to take a class today at 5:30pm at Iron and Grace but my abs are so sore that I really don’t want to. And I didn’t get much sleep last night so I should get to bed early tonight. So I think Ill just walk after dinner.

Friday: Today I feel really lethargic…. its raining and Im disappointed in myself because I only moved 3 times this week and really only one felt like a good work out but its Friday and we have plans with friends tonight but Im free all day saturday. So I’ll get something in.

Saturday: Its a great day! I am rested and its nice out so Im going to do a work out video… Hm P90x sounds good…. OMWWWWWWW!!! How is he doing that…. should I keep the same tempo.Well that girl is doing a modification but I don’t be a wimp so I’ll keep pushing myself….. 20 mins in…… AHHHH theres still 22 mins left…… its ok! I can do this…..finally I finished now food! That work out was soooo hard I think I’m gonna eat a sandwich….. and chips….. oh tea sounds really refreshing (its not soda). Burgers and beer for dinner…. then you decide ice cream from your favorite local soft serves sounds delish….  and BAM!!!!! like that you consumed more calories then you burned…..

Sunday: Well I’ll try again monday……..Weekends are hard.

Why is this not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is this not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it wasn’t a terrible week! You moved/worked out 4 times. But if you keep this up for 12 weeks you will see very little results and you will become discouraged because you have been working out 3-5 times a week, and thats a lot right? So how do we fix this?

1. Remember that acronym: SMART! Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Its a pretty common acronym that I love and mention on a regular basis to clients…. Sometimes I have to redefine my goals to make sure they are specific and measurable.


2. You can not out workout a bad diet. I personally don’t believe in a single method of nutrition. I believe its what ever works for you! What you find results with….. What you can stick with for a life time….. Thats the best “diet.” Maybe its Plant based, Vegetarian, Pescetarian (fish, seafood and vegetarian), Paleo, Slow carb….. the list goes on. What is common in all of these: cut out sugar and processed food. When you start paying attention to a new nutrition plan you should be sleeping better, feeling better, experiencing more energy, regular bowl movements, etc.

3. Find an accountability partner or Small Gym/studio: I’ve found you need someone whose going to do it with you…. or be there at least in the beginning. When you schedule gym time or runs with a friend you can’t just bail. They are counting on you! Sometimes you just can’t seem to find the right partner and in that case find a smaller gym/studio (  or hirer a personal trainer!

A good trainer isn’t going to let you make excuses! They will understand when life happens but they will help you plan a successful program for when those road blocks enter your path. Sometimes A trainer is for a life time and others its for a season but If you hire a trainer have a realistic expectation. You probably need more then 4-6 weeks and thats a big financial commitment. If you can’t do more then that be honest with them. Most will help you with a home plan or a variation with adding classes. Open communication and Honesty is HUGE when you work one on one with someone.

When you go to a smaller gym/studio they notice when you are gone. They care if you’ve been busy or sick. They may even extend your pass if you missed a whole week on your unlimited pass because you had to work overtime every day at work. Small businesses rely on your success, they care about your well being… They become your friends. You do pay more but if your at the right place you will see the progress and the results.

4. Record your data! Keep a journal. Writing down things like how many hours you slept, what you did in your workout, how you felt in your work out and what you ate allow you to make educated changes in developing your perfect plan.


So now GO and let me know how it goes! What are your first steps? How are you going to reach your success? For questions or feed back feel free to comment below or Email Alydia at