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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

Group Kettlebell Class!

Alydia Bryant

Hey Guys! Here is a little preview on what my Ketttlebell class is doing. It is really important to get in a habit of setting goals and tracking progress. Group classes can be ineffective with achieving results if your attendance is inconsistent. After all we are not in it to just workout... We want to get stronger... and BETTER. We Recently put up a challenge board at Iron and Grace. The reason being, we are results driven by nature! We are encouraged and motivated by others... It is not about who can achieve the best results it is about who can make the most improvement. We haven't set specific bell sizes based on weight or gender... We just said medium! Why? because I want everyone to feel successful! I want them to make improvement and get better. So heres what my class did today! We had fun and I know that every single person in there was surprised by their endurance! 


Density Swings 10 mins. Chose a medium 2 handed swing bell. In sets of ten reps. Complete as many perfect swings in 10 mins. Bell must touch the ground after each set of 10. 

Density Clean and squats. 2 medium bells. 3 dbl cleans 3 front squats 10 mins. Record your sets.

Cool down and technique practice. Get ups for 20 mins.... We timed in order to work on Technique not for density. We did not keep track of Reps. 


Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

(PS we will be working on video quality)

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