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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

Patience & Persistence.

Alydia Bryant

There are so many rewarding aspects to my job. Most of them stem from seeing the growth which my clients experience over time. Everyone comes with different goals. Often times those goals even change and morph over time. Recently I have been overjoyed with the success and persistence John has experienced. John first came to me through a workshop that Iron and Grace put on through a local partner, Boonsboro Country Club. He later came to the studio and tried a few classes. John was a runner for many years but he has a very time demanding job. His job requires him to sit for long durations with out breaks. Mobility, Balance, and strength quickly became our primary focus. I have now been working with John for 8 months and I couldn't be more proud of his success. When He first started he was more then 10 inches from being able to touch his toes, He was very limited in his thoracic mobility, and he quickly noticed his balance was not what he had hoped.

John started out by taking classes once a week. He wanted to learn the Kettlebell but we had some obstacles to over come first. He stuck with the Rip/TRX class and still attends regularly. The Encouragement he received from other class members was amazing! It's one of the reasons I love the Rip/TRX class.  After about 2 months of consistently taking 1 class a week John came to me and asked about private training. I was so excited! By adding a private session to the mix I knew he would drastically improve his mobility, stability, and strength. Due to his busy schedule we started meeting once every other week. John began experiencing changes in is posture. He felt stronger, more energized and he wanted more. So we kicked those Privates up to once a week. Through out this whole journey I highly recommend he try to get 3 sessions in a week. (on his own, in class, or privately)  About 2 months later he began to add another class each week. Sometimes Tracey's 5:30 am class on Fridays, other times Saturday Circuits with myself or Chad.

John's life is busy! With 3 daughters, traveling for  soccer with his daughter, adjunct professor at a University an hour away, full time tasking job, and a dedicated family man. But as he saw his body transforming he became more dedicated to his training. 

Today, John is swinging a Kettlebell beautifully, deadlifting with a neutral spine, holding suspended planks in the TRX, Balanced and strong through a suspended Lunge in the TRX, and so much more!

John Stands Taller! He has increased muscle mass, and He genuinely feels better! See for your self.