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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

New Opportunity!

Alydia Bryant

I am so excited for the opportunity that has been presented to partner with Lifestyle Fitness in Forest Va. As of September 1st all TorqueStrong services will be held at 110 Vista Center Drive, Forest Va, 24551. Currently TorqueStrong is offering 4 programs: Privates, Semi-Privates, Small Group classes and Amazing 12. There are 3 types small group classes offered on the schedule as of Sept 1: Kettlebell Strong, Kettlebell Endurance, and TorqueStrong Circuits. 

Endurance Kettlebell: This HardStyle Kettlebell class is about building stamina. The structure of this class will by high quantity of Swings, snatches, Jerks and other ballistic skills. If you want to improve your cardiovascular endurance this class is for you. Its not just Endurance! We will be building strength through repetition as well.

TorqueStrong Circuits: Here comes a whole new level of intensity. We break out of the gym and into great health with Ropes, Sleds, Kettlebells, Suspension training, Barbells, tractor tires and more. Using all these tools to give you an incredible full body strength and cardio blast. This class Is for everyone. Endurance, Strength and fun. Come ready to get down to business through proper safe movement.

Kettlebell Strong: TorqueStrong kettlebell training focuses on functional, full-body movements rather than isolated muscle actions. This means that your strength transfers to your real life, so you can shovel snow, pick up the kids, improve your race times and more through our training. With a focus on building functional strength, Torquestrong Kettlebell Strong class will use the StrongFirst Hardstyle principles of training and programing.

Amazing 12- a 12 week intensive program thats sole purpose is to create physical transformation that manifests into mental and emotional transformation. It was created by a Man Named Paul McIlroy with a main objective of helping to save a friend's life. The program has been going WAY beyond the six pack ever since that first day decades ago. This program has helped change lives all over the world and its first round of Graduates start January 11th. If you want to be apart email Alydia today at

In order to help you better navigate the changes of the TorqueStrong website check out this video. There are so many exciting features so take 5 mins to watch the whole thing!