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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

Love Handles, Saddlebags, Flappy Arms- I just want to work on one area!

Alydia Bryant

How many times have you heard one of your friends say "I just want to lose this little bit of fat right here." Maybe you have even been the one saying it.

It's only natural that we look at ourselves daily and take an inventory. "I like this. I don't really care about that. Oh wow I hate that!"

The problem comes in when we try to attack that one "Problem area." Don't get me wrong, I think having a plan or goal and then heading out to conquer that issue is great.

Unfortunately trying to attack ONE problem area that you might want to see smaller, tighter, or completely gone is impossible.

Don't get discouraged just yet, allow me to explain. What you or your friends may be referring to is known as "Spot reduction." Zoning in on one and only one problem area and trying to get rid of it.

The human body works as one single unit. We are designed in such a way that if we are healthy all of our systems work in harmony. When our body composition begins to change and the body fat percentage drops or we start to lose a few pounds, the body does this overall.

Yes, often times we notice it in different areas sooner than others, but the "Single unit," principle is still very much at work.

People often confuse the body's ability to "Spot Build," with the ability to "Spot reduce." Spot building applies to the muscular system and is the body's ability to grow or strengthen specific muscles or groups of muscles with isolation exercises.

Unfortunately muscle and fat are completely different. Fat ,aka "Adipose tissue," appears much faster and easier than new muscle cells.


We have all heard the saying "Muscle weighs more than fat." This is also a misconception. Two tons of bricks weighs exactly the same as two tons of feathers. Muscle is however much more dense than fat. Because muscle is more dense it also takes up less space, about one third less space when compared to fat.

Where does that leave you now? Well, now you can create a more realistic plan for getting healthy overall instead of putting all of your energy into getting rid of that "Pesky problem area."

Because our body's systems work together in harmony it is important to live a healthy lifestyle in the form of eating clean real foods (not dieting) and staying active through exercise.

"I don't know how to do any of that!," you say? Well that is where we come in. Gone are the days when a personal trainer was a luxury that only a few would hire. All of our trainers are more than willing to help you reach those goals through consistency and a specific plan tailored for your individual needs, and you might just be surprised to see that "Pesky problem area," disappear along the way. Email us today at if you are interested in personal training, nutrition coaching, or classes.


~Sean Archulet~

Personal Trainer