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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

Erin's Transformation

Alydia Bryant

First up for the most recent graduates of Amazing 12 is Erin Cardea! Erin is one of the most hard working and persistent clients I've ever worked with and you can see it from her results. Many people ask what happens after Amazing 12, for Erin it was another round. In Erin's second round she was able to incline bench 45lbs and she conquered her first chin up. I think what was my favorite part of watching Erin's transformation was what happened with her newly found exude confidence. She told me on her last training day that she didn't believe she could look or feel so good again! To me hearing her say that was the reminder of why I do what I do. She started coming in wearing bright colored form fitting shirts and wore them proud! I'm so excited for her as she starts this new professional journey and continues on her way towards health and vitality.

"I had no hesitation signing up for a second round of the Amazing 12 program. After my initial 12 weeks, I noticed so much personal growth and had developed cooking and eating habits that were far superior to anything I had done previously. So, another round? Yes, please! The nutrition aspect has become second nature, so this time I was really focused on my strength gains and what I was able to accomplish with the weights. I wanted my after pictures to show what I was feeling this time. Alydia diligently increased or adjusted my weights as needed and by the end I couldn’t believe how much I was doing, especially with the incline press. When I had a setback early on, she was able to coach me through and get me back on track safely and progressively. Her eye is always on our form and she is able to come up with ways to improve it or have us concentrate on it - for me, I worked in my own corner away from distractions :)

I feel better, have more energy, and can tell that my muscles are being properly developed. My clothes are all too big now (that is not a complaint!) and I feel confident wearing things that are more form-fitting – they are actually flattering now! For anyone who is serious about improving their health, fitness, and general well-being as well as their self-confidence and self-image, the Amazing 12 can help achieve that.

The group of people I saw every morning who were on this journey with me were a huge factor in my success. To have the accountability of a small group and to support each other through all the sweat, blood, and yes, sometimes tears, really made the program enjoyable. Following my final workout, I moved out of state for a new job, but I am sure I will carry on with the habits I’ve formed over the past 6 months. I can’t thank Alydia enough for pushing me when I needed it, having faith in me when I didn’t, and for being so encouraging and knowledgable."

The Next round of Amazing 12 starts in just a few weeks. Aug 22nd with only 8 spots remaining. It won't be around again until 2017. email for info or visit to apply.