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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

Whats Trending? Do you fall for it?

Alydia Bryant

You know those commercials with people who have the “perfect” body? They’re showing off their amazing abs and crisp physiques while persuading us to buy into their product so we can look just like them. It’s only $39.99 a month I mean come on, that’s totally a deal, right?

What even is the perfect body? Let me remind you that there is no criteria to be met in order to have a “perfect” body. Everyone’s body is different which means we react differently to specific workouts, foods, and nutrients. That is what makes each of us unique. A perfect body should not be about what you look like, but about how you feel in your own skin.

People are easily persuaded into buying these nutrition plans or even exercise products that don’t make you sweat. Wait, what?

We all have goals; we all have things that we want to improve and work on. A goal that we should never have is to look like someone else. We are all built differently and our goals should be focused on our own individual needs. We should work towards becoming a better self, not becoming someone else.

Too many people sign up for these programs with an image in their mind of what they want to look and feel like. If they don’t start seeing change early on, they tend to give up. Most of these gimmicks are just so unrealistic!

Change is going to happen if you take care of your body with proper nutrition and an exercise regimen. It’s a process and life change. In order to see progress, you have to push yourself through difficult challenges that won’t be easy but POSSIBLE! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Cliché but hey, it’s true.

So, throw that shake weight in the garbage and don’t even think about signing up for that crazy nutrition plan. Start being real with yourself and fitting your personal needs. With the right nutrition and exercise, it is absolutely possible to achieve your goals and more!


By Gentry Dove

Personal Trainer,