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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

StongBody Mom-Stacey

Alydia Bryant

Meet Stacey, one of our amazing StrongBody moms!

"StrongBody is more than a 4 to 8 week challenge for me, it's a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. 

For several years now, I've enjoyed working out and going to the gym but have struggled to make real gains. Through StrongBody, I have not only gotten stronger but I've learned about better nutrition and have become smarter about the way I exercise. No more long boring sessions of cardio with the hopes of developing a "strong body". 

I've learned to make better use of my time in the gym and how to get better results in less time. Who doesn't want that? 

Equally as important to me are the friends I've made through StrongBody. We are a group of moms who show up nearly everyday supporting each other in fitness and in life. We laugh, we learn, and we challenge one another each and everyday. Did I mention we laugh; boy do we laugh! 

Often times the hour I spend with my StrongBody ladies is the best hour of my day. I leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on any challenge during the day.

If you're looking for a fun, yet challenging and non-intimidating way to get healthy and achieve your fitness goals, commit to StrongBody. I promise you won't regret it!"

If you are interested in StrongBody head on over to to fill out an inquiry or to learn more! Classes are offered at 6am, 8:30am, and 6:30pm.