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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

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When you are where you are supposed to be.

Alydia Bryant

This weekend is a very monumental weekend for me where the last 8 i take that back 2 years of training are being applied. Its also like a reunion of sorts. So whats this weekend all about? Its my StrongFirst Level 2 certification weekend. 5 weeks ago I would have told you I was so stressed it was making me sick. Today is not the same! I am prepared! I am excited! I am ready!

So we (Mitchell has joined me) arrived in Chicago this morning around 10:30. We were able to check into our hotel early which was super nice! I really wanted to walk to The Dome, the cite where the certification would take place. So we did! Currently the Level 1 candidates were fine tuning the swing! 2 handed, single handed, and double swings! It was a glorious sight. Master Instructor Fabio Zonin was teaching the crew. So we sat and watched for a bit as I reminisced my days at my Level 1 certification. So much has changed since that day! Prior to my level 1 I had trained 1 person. I had observed and interned a lot! But I had one client. Since then I have had more then 100. I have become better! I have sought after advice from those more experienced then I and I have made a promise to myself and to my clients to constantly strive to be better. 

I remember checking into my Level 1 and immediately sitting indian style. I was shy, nervous, and wondering if i had what it took to survive this crazy 3 day cert (let alone pass). To my surprise I did pass and it was the birth of a beautiful dream. I have sense made friends all over the country who have a passion for good movement and kettlebells. Its a beautiful community to be apart of.

So back to those current comrades attending their level 1! What I love about StrongFirst is the population it brings! Everyone is unique and everyone is strong. Its ok if you aren't below 15% body fat you are family, and you are there to learn! Its a beautiful site. 

My major challenge to myself this weekend was to not be shy... those who know me well have a hard time picturing me being shy but it happens. Well, I can honestly say that today I have conquered this goal and it feels so good! I have already met 6 gentlemen and 1 lady in my hotel who are Level 2 candidates like myself. 

And I had a little heart to heart talk with Master Dave Whitley and Mitchell.....for at least an hour! it was great and I'm thankful for his open encouragement and honesty. I know that no matter what the outcome this weekend brings I am where I am supposed to be! Motivated, encouraged, mentored, and ready.

Excited for tomorrow! What challenge did you overcome today?!? 


PS. Do you like the new site?!?! Ive been saving it just for you!