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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

From Debilitating Back Pain to Amazing Strength

Alydia Bryant

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Erin,

Erin is the kind of person you just can’t help but love! She has impeccable work ethic, a positive attitude, drama free and just extremely coachable. I placed her in a training group of to big burly men but I didn’t for one second wonder if she could handle it. Erin is STRONG in more ways then not. The hardships she endured during these 12 weeks were devastating and yet she never lost sight of the goal. She made up every session she missed and packed meals on the go with out complaint!

As Erin mentionsshe has had a long history of back pain. She started the Amazing 12 with one of those debilitating spells days before we started. It was discouraging. I wondered if I would be able to coach her through the Amazing 12. We decided to listen to her body and do what we could. We started easy and light, in a matter of weeks I realized Erin hadn’t mentioned her back hurting for quite sometime. She didn’t reach for the bar with fear but rather determination! 

Amazing 12 Erin

Heres what Erin had to say about the Amazing 12

“I had been excited for months about the Amazing 12 program.  From the moment Alydia told me about it, I was eager to begin a journey to better health and a stronger body.  I train and ride horses and teach riders for a living.  It was beginning to get hard for me to express to my students the importance of being as much an athlete for their sport as for any other when I wasn’t in shape myself.  Being hypocritical was not sitting well with me.  I had been working out for some time, but not really training and certainly not following a sensible diet.  My excuse was always that the hours of my job didn’t allow me to do much other than pick up fast food on the way to and from work.  

I knew A12 would challenge me physically, and I was prepared for that.  The pleasant surprise was that it also helped me to develop a better appreciation for and understanding of what food I was putting in my body.  It quickly became routine for me to cook meals in the morning for the whole day.  I even kept track of what each meal was costing to prove to myself that this was a better way to eat – both for my body and for my wallet!  Soon, the excuse of not having time became non-existent.  I learned to make time for myself each day.  

The workouts were actually a lot of fun.  Even on the days the weights seemed impossibly heavy, I knew I was progressing.  Alydia is very insightful and knows when to increase or modify an exercise based on what’s happening.  My back had been injured shortly before the start of the 12 weeks, so it was slow goings at the beginning and very frustrating for me.  I can’t stand not being able to do something and deadlifts were near impossible at the time.  I have a long history of back problems from a lifetime of working with horses and used to need NSAIDs to get me through most days.  Within the first few weeks of A12, I realized I didn’t feel like I needed pain relievers any more.  I also reflected on the fact that I was capable of changing lifetime habits and that the support of my trainer and the other A12 participants was vital to my success.  My body feels better and stronger than I can ever remember, my clothes are too big, and I have so much more confidence in myself.  I’m planning on another round and can’t wait to see where it takes me!”

Erin was strong before Amazing 12…but now that girl is STRONG!

She started benching 45lbs for multiple sets of 8 and finished with 120lbs.  Military Press 25lbs for sets of 8 and finished with 75lbs for a total of 36 reps!!!! She was curling more then half the guys in the gym! Her deadlift started elevated and light at 45lbs and finished with a beautiful 130 lbs for 6 reps. Her Back Squat started at 45lbs and increased to a beautiful 105lbs with ease. 

 Erin lost a total of 19.5lbs and 20.75 inches!!!!!

If you are ready to achieve strength you never imagined possible and learn healthy eating habits that require no calorie counting or weighing email me today or fill out the application at! We are 4 weeks from starting the next group of Amazing12!