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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

A REAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION! This sums up my experience with Alydia Bryant, and the Amazing 12 program.

Alydia Bryant


"When I became a father, 5 years ago, I started focusing on being a good dad and working hard to provide for my family. But, through all that dedication, what I stopped paying attention to was my health. I gained a ton of weight and my overall physical conditioning was terrible. Once my boys grew, and started to become very active, I realized a big problem...I was not able to keep up with them. I was uncomfortable with my size and I had new aches and pains. I didn't want to feel that way any longer. I wanted to be a healthy, active dad, around for my boys as they grew up.

So I decided first to try a popular cross training program in town and take a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, it was a major step back for me: I was pushed too hard in training, there was no real communication or understanding of my desires or goals, but it was as if there was a whip to my back, being pushed to the brink of vomiting and passing out. Needless to say, I quit that program. I remember feeling worse than where I had started. It was frustrating. It was defeat. And it made me put-off getting healthy and in shape again for another year.

Then, Alydia Bryant reached out to me about the Amazing 12 program. It sparked a new hope in me that maybe this would be the right program for the transformation I was seeking...and it was! Alydia is a personal trainer with a true passion to help her clients, and she starts with meeting you on your own personal level. Although the Amazing 12 training was tough, over the twelve weeks, I was encouraged by both Alydia, and my workout team, and I found myself not wanting to miss a single day. I was pushed and stretched with both an exercise regimen and nutrition plan to reach my goals of weight loss and improved health. It was awesome to see my results over this short period of time! I ended up shredding 50lbs of pure fat in 12 weeks, and brought my strength back to a bench press of over 315lbs!

My results are proof enough that this is the real thing, and I would recommend the positive life change of the Amazing 12 program to everyone. Take your life back, find your inner beast-mode, and make the decision for yourself today!"

Ill never forget the day that Josh signed up for Amazing 12. I believed 100% that he was going to achieve more then he imagined possible. We were a few months out from starting and I received a message from him that reflected doubt in himself. His doubt sunk deep into my core. I tried so hard to convince Im not to give up before he started. It was at that time that I invited him to come into the gym a few weeks early. I through him into a group of girls 2x a week. It was clear that after 1 day he was ready! He trusted me and believed we could walk through this journey together. 

Josh gave Amazing12 his all! His passion for this endeavor in his life radiated to his whole family and friends, His loved ones even started losing weight and making life changes. His sons became proud of his Hulk like Muscles!

His Strength despite a few set backs was astronomical!

Bench 75lbs>>>255lbs for 39 reps and 315lbs for an easy 1 rep
Military Press 65lbs>>>135lbs 45 reps
Squat 65lbs>>>200lbs for 30 reps
Deadlift 95Lbs>>>250lbs for multiple sets of 6

I couldn't be more proud of Josh and I cant wait to see where he takes his strength next! If you are tired of being pushed past your limit or ready to take the reins on your health today Apply today