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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

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Density Training

Alydia Bryant

Density training is a method that is new to me but has become a favorite method of training. It has allowed me to track progress, gain strength, and focus on my technique all at the same time. 

Density: degree of consistency measured by the quantity of mass per unit volume.

When density training, perform an exercise for a set amount of time and record the amount of sets and reps you can complete in the given time. When selecting your weight used for density work you want to chose a weight that is 70-75% 1 Rep max, this is also typically your 10 rep max weight. You can vary your method of Density training but stick with a plan for a few weeks so that you can see your progress.When performing Density training you will want to stick with the same weight for at least 4 training sessions so that you can truly see your progress. 

10-15mins is typically an adequate amount of time for density training. The first way to measure density is to set a certain amount of reps and measuring how many sets can be completed during a certain amount of time. The second is to see how many total reps can be completed during the selected time, each set can contain a different amount of reps but you will want to record your progress.  

Ex 1. Military press for 15 mins, How many sets of 5 can be complete in 15 mins. 16kg bell
R: 8 rounds=40 reps
L: 7 rounds=37 reps 
R: 9 rounds = 45 reps
L: 8 rounds =40 reps
Ex2. 16 kg  Military press with kettle bell for 15 mins. Complete as many perfect reps, then rest as needed and begin the next set. 


R:7.5, 4, 5, 4, 5,4, 5, 4 =43

L:7,5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 3=41



L: 8,6,6,6,5,5,5,5=46

In example two you may not notice any improvement the Right arms military press because each day completed 43 reps. If you look at the reps per set you will notice drastic improvement. Only 8 sets were completed but each set consisted of a higher density of reps.

Density training can be used to improve conditioning, strength, mass, and recovery time. As you continue to practice density work you will find that you will need much less recovery time between sets and your reps will begin to increase as well. The first time I completed a Density work out I was extremely exhausted. 15 mins seemed like an eternity but after just 2 weeks I found my grove. My technique improved because I wasn't trying to get a certain amount of reps every single time. I was only trying to complete as many GOOD reps as I could. My side lean in my Military press went away and I was finally able to get my 24kg Military press after just 4 weeks. 

Density work can be trained with many different movements:

Upper Body:

Total body:
Clean and Squats
Bent Press
Turkish Get Up

Lower Body:
Weighted pistols
Cossack Lunge
Kettlebell Swings








Calisthenics ( to see how your recovery improves, or reps in a set)
Push ups
Pull ups 
Pistol Squats

A family reunion of sorts-Two hands anyhow, windmill-bent press

Alydia Bryant

Part of the level 2 requirements for SFG is to learn the windmill and bent press. I've loved playing around with all of the odd lifts! Today I tried them with a 28kg on top and a 16kg on the bottom 

I was able to do it on both sides. The left didn't have the endurance to hold for the last bent press. I could have pushed it.... But that's not smart! Remember get stronger... Get better... Not broken!

Becoming Limitless~ The Dome of Strength

Alydia Bryant

This weekend I had the time of my life! I know a lot of people out there probably think I'm crazy that I sign up for something where I have to work out off and on for 8-10 hours in a day. Its so worth it in the end and you see your body do things that you couldn't imagine. I am passionate about getting stronger but I'm more passionate about feeling good. Dave Whitley defines good technique as "what ever is physiologically correct for the individual and moves them in the direction of their goal." We are all built differently and some of us have limitations due to injury or birth defects but that doesn't mean we can't be strong. It just might mean our strong will look differently. At StrongFirst we strive to define certain skills in a way that is safe and efficient. What ever that technique may be it shouldn't be painful.  I've learned through out my career that people chase pain! I'm sure you have heard the phrase "no pain, no gain." Let me tell you that is the biggest lie I have ever heard! Doc Hartle said this weekend "We like our spines, we LOVE our spines. You only get one of them so don't screw it up." 

So here is my question for you: Is it really worth the pain and the risk of getting "stronger" if you are constantly getting hurt? I don't think so! If you constantly train at your limit or at 90-100% effort you will get hurt! "If you constantly train at the edge of your limit then you will eventually hit your limit. But if you train yourself away from the limit you are training yourself to be limitless" ~The Iron Tamer Dave Whitley

This lesson was so vital in my training! Its how i was able to increase my bent press by 150% in just 5 weeks! 5 weeks ago I could only bent press 16 kg. But with patience, practice, and proper mechanics I was able to get the 40kg. And I plan to get the 44 in the next few weeks. I don't go 100% effort all the time. I rest! I integrated light, medium, and heavy days. I never started a set until i was fully recovered and ready. When you are tired Injury occurs.... and then you become week...and bound by your limitations.

Heres me doing the 40kg Bent press... keep an eye out for that 44kg :)

40kg Bent Press 5/10/15

So Train Smart! Work hard! Become Super Human STRONG!


PS. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for the AWESOME CREATOR that I serve. Phil 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Sure I had an awesome coach... But God ordained that connection. HE Kept me healthy and allowed me to know when enough was enough in my training. He has placed the most amazing people in my life to get me where I am today. I am so grateful! My prayer is that I will continue to seek him and not allow my own self and limitations to stand in the way. For he is who truly makes me limitless. T