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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

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Post Travel Workout

Alydia Bryant

Summer brings a lot of traveling for my husband and I. This past weekend we traveled to Yorktown, Virginia for a wedding. It was nothing to crazy, just 3 hours, but 3 hours is long enough to get tight and stiff. One of my Friends Mike Lindner (SFG2 and Amazing 12 coach) shared this golden gem with me a few months ago. 

The Work Out:

  • 3Bent Presses-3 windmills-3 reverse Turkish Get Ups Right and Left
  • Finish with 5x 15R|15L swings

This is such a wonderful Combination because it hits every Plane of motion : Transverse, sagittal, and frontal. It is so common to only move in the sagittal plane. (Flexion and extension) When we don't practice movement in the Frontal and Transverse plane we create weaknesses in our bodies. We can become stiff and prone to injury. Most of our daily activities and sports involve rotation but it is so rarely trained in the gym

The Bent Press, Windmill and Turkish Getup all promote Shoulder health. The windmill position causes us to put a great stretch on our hamstrings which will usually take some stress off of the low back.Low backs often get extremely tight while sitting for long periods of time (hints: why most Americans have low back pain). What it also does is require us to brace our core in order to perform the movement. The windmill is an incredible lateral core strength and stability movement that strengthens your entire lateral chain. It improves hamstring flexibility which also aids in relieving back pain. If you can’t go full range of motion straight away then don’t worry about it, just go as deep as you can while maintaining proper posture (no lateral side bend in spine), technique and postural alignment. The Bent Press greatly increases mobility in the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle. It requires a great deal of core strength and do to the primary use of ones lats, It teaches the importance of packing the shoulders. The Bent Press finishes what the Get up started. The Turkish Get Up teaches the Athlete how to lock the ribcage on the pelvis. removing any leakage in core strength. Connecting the core is essential for injury prevention and performance. The spine posture is controlled while a weight is maintained over head. This allows the body to learn how to maintain strength through out the movement. T. It improves ones strength while teaching linkage (connecting, recruiting all your muscles) while eliminating strength leakage. These 3 skills combined together are a Beautiful tool against stiffness! Every muscle in you body is working together. These skills should all be treated as SLOW Grinds and not performed with speed! 

The Swings! 

Because of the dynamic nature of the swing the injury to the body is quite low. A swing is ballistic in nature. A swing should be punched forward by the hip not pulled up by the arms. This creates great glute contraction and hip extension( remember how much time you spent sitting in the car.... in hip flexion). We talked about the lats in the Bent Press. They are very important in the swing as well. They help prevent thoracic flexion as well, which we opened up through the combination of the bent press, windmill, and TGU. 

Give it a try! Let me know how open you feel post practice!

Sometimes you need a little restart! And rest

Alydia Bryant

These last 3 weeks has been wonderful, exciting, stressful, and many lessons of patience. I decided it was time to invest in a new training Journal since I have a lot of new strength goals I want to accomplish in the next few months. I thought this one was Perfect! Some days we get discouraged or distracted and the plan falls apart! We can achieve so much more if we have the courage to pursue those dreams! I decided to take 3 days off this weekend. Normally I do 2 but my body, stress, and missing my husband ;) was telling me to slow down! Sometimes you need to adjust and that's ok! It doesn't mean you have failed or quit! Your body needs recovery sometimes! Recovery will even improve your strength.


Today my shoulders felt stronger then they have in a month. My squat was deep and strong! I did more work today then I have in the last 2 weeks but I felt stronger. I recovered faster and needed less rest between sets! Sometimes less really is more! 


~Some Seasons~

Alydia Bryant

We all know that there are seasons in life. Those Valleys...Storms.....Mountain tops. Sometimes we want to just sprint through them and never look back. If we do that we might find ourselves there again. We don't grow or be come better. We don't get stronger. Last year was a hard year. I don't need to go into details but the point is I wouldn't take ANY of it back! I don't have this next season of my life figured out but I know Its going to be GREAT! I have surrounded my self by individuals who are making me better! Who are encouraging me! Who are investing in me! It doesn't matter where you came from! It matters where you are going.


"Start looking at every possible place that you can make improvement that vibrates in harmony with the vision you have for yourself"...." Ability > age" ~David Whitley

"Start looking at every possible place that you can make improvement that vibrates in harmony with the vision you have for yourself"...."Ability > age" ~David Whitley

"Our current frustrations are MEANT to drive you with boldness towards your dreams."~Jill Stroud

"Our current frustrations are MEANT to drive you with boldness towards your dreams."~Jill Stroud

Strength Isn't just about being physically strong! It is way more! It is a community of people who who desire to see you be better. It is about overcoming obstacles and hardships and coming out stronger then you were before. Over the last few weeks I have been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the encouragement I have received. At Brentwood today, Jon Dupin shared a clip from his favorite season of The Voice. Pharrel Williams, Is shown encouraging one artist after the other. "Pay attention to Defining moments", "No means work harder", "Find the Undeniably yes in your life", "Fight the good fight", "Embrace your Individuality", "Do it of you." I want to be that person who encourages you through your struggles. I want to help you see the potential you have in life! We live in a world that likes to define us by our circumstances. Can we stop that! Lets be who we want to be and lets relentlessly pursue that. 

We have a tendency to believe lies that prevent us from ever achieving the goals we want to achieve. Lies like: 

  1. No Capacity-I am to busy, there is no time.
  2. No Confidence-crippled by fear.
  3. No Competence- I don't have the right skills yet.
  4. No Calling-Its not for me... someone else will do it.
  5. No Care- it doesn't mean enough to you

In Matthew 28:19 God didn't tell his disciples to go get ready to make disciples. He told them to GO! GO now! "You do not have to arrive before you can advise"~Jon Dupin. You are ready! Trust your judgement! Seek out mentors and strive for greatness! 

John 20:27 - "stop doubting and believe"