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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

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The Bottoms Up Squat and Single Leg Deadlift w/ a Step Back Lunge.

Alydia Bryant

2 of my favorite skills that will make you better! The Bottom up squat and Single Leg dead lift with a step back lunge.

Both Greatly challenge your overall Tension and intensify any leakage. Holding the kettlebell in an upside down position FORCES you to stabilize your core musculature to prevent the kettlebell from flopping or changing position. The Bottom up squat is great for improving your grip strength. It will have a huge carryover to any lift and Bodyweight work. It is incredibly challenging and unbelievably effective. Start Bottom Up training by simply holding a lighter kettlebell in the rack position for time.  Shoot for around 30 seconds or so to get a feel for the bell in this position.Keep the other hand close to the bell (but not touching) and in between the bell and your head (for safety reasons)

Just rack and hold for now, that’s the first progression. Once you've got a good handle with that try a squat. Do a few reps then switch sides.


Single Leg Dead lift combined with the Lunge is a powerful set of exercises. It challenges your balance and really targets the Posterior Chain. If you want to improve your lower body this is one of the best ways. These have a great carry over to the Pistol squat if you are wanting to work towards that :)

First root your foot on to the ground. Slowly hinge your hips back while also hinging your knee until you have a very flat back.Your knee DOES bend . (do not round the back). The moving leg should be straight out behind you with minimal knee bend to keep your spine aligned properly.  Reach for the bells make sure your shoulder is pulled back so your lats are engaged Hinge your hip forward while bringing the bell with you. Lock out your stabilizing leg and squeeze your glute. set your moving leg down and step back into a lung. Keep your torso upright (shoulders on top of your hips and descend down. Drive both feet into the floor to stand and bring your feet back together. Switch sides and repeat.


Give them a try and let me know what you think!

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