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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

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Alydia Bryant


Do you run with out cross training? Does your lunge seem cramped up and awkward? Do you struggle with squatting properly? Maybe you lean forward on your squat, or your knees come forward, or your heels come up once you try to go into a deep squat. Maybe you can’t do a proper push up. Do you arch your back when you bench press? Do you have a hard time locking out at the top of a snatch and yet keep your “rib-to-hip connection”? Have you tried and tried to pack your shoulders but they just don’t seem to move?

Sometimes moving more is the answer but others its not. I’m sure you have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect.” Well the fact is “Practice makes PERMANENT” If you are benching with your back arching off the bench and you continue to increase your weight without fixing your alignment then you are only going to cause more problems. Do you go hard 100% of the time always trying to get more push ups, or a new PR for your snatch. Our bodies will ALWAYS compromise quality of movement for quantity. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, your holding a plank for over a min but then you start shifting your body or your hips drop so your low back takes a turn to help out, then your hips come back up and your quads are sustaining your “plank.” Well friends this is no longer a plank!

We haven’t always had poor movement patterns. In fact we started with GREAT movement patterns. Take a look at little kids under 5. They squat to play, their heels are flat on the ground and typically their tibia(shin) is vertical. So what happens? Why do we lose it? For the next 12+ years we go to school and we sit! Then we graduate and many of us acquire desk jobs and we sit some more! Some of us try to make up for this time sitting by exercising but the problem is that we are still missing basic movement reinforcement.

When babies start moving whats one of the first thing they do? They roll over. Do you have a hard time rolling out of bed? Do you use momentum rather then simple muscle contractions to sit up. For me I see my job as successful if I help my clients/students to see past their weight loss, strength, and performance goals to see the importance of movement restoration! I would be a fool to hand a man/women a barbell loaded with 150lbs and a 24kg (52.9lbs) and tell him/her to do 20 DL and 20 swings. Sure an average man should be able to do both skills with ease and even higher weight. BUT More then likely the average male or female that comes to see me has SUPER tight hip flexors, minimal core strength (six pack or not) , and spends a majority of time with his/her thoracic spine in flexion and shoulders protracted (rounded.) Do you think some one can safely Deadlift in this form? I think not! So please have patience as we learn to crawl again. We have to retrain 12+ years of sitting hunched over! We have to train your body to access that posterior chain. Safe movement takes time! I value Longevity! I value Health! So lets get the basics mastered and we can swing, clean, snatch and and deadlift a ton more!