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Approachable health tips from the personal trainers of TorqueStrong

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Win $200, StrongBody Challenge

Alydia Bryant

COMMITMENT, Commitment to the program, to my group, to my trainer, and to MYSELF. YES, Linda Moore will follow the guidelines of the program and see it through to the end!
— Linda Moore

Linda lost a total of 9lbs and completely transformed her physique in just 2 months. Despite having to travel for work and being sick, she stayed dedicated to her nutrition and training! We couldn't be more proud! The next StrongBody Challenge Launches January 9th! Will you join us? Click this link to learn more/ register Sign Up. Continue reading for Linda's Experience at TorqueStrong.

Coming into this challenge I was optimistic that I could hang with the rest of the crowd. I was never very athletic in school. I was a book worm, nerd, and scholar. During high school I was on a perpetual diet striving for that perfect body. My goal was to weigh less then 120lbs at any cost: lots of walking, aerobic classes, and even fasting. You name it, I tried it, If the gimmick was to be thin. After raising children and working in health care, I learned it was time to start taking care of myself. Self -love was not selfish, it was vital. 

This year was a big year, It was going to be my year… I turned 60! I attended many festivals, walked the beach for a week, toured Europe and San Fransisco, volunteered in the AV 200 bike ride in Atlanta, walked the VA 4 miler and now I have completed the Strong Body Challenge.

StrongBodyChallenge. Linda. Moore. Lynchburg Va. Personal Training

The Staff and Trainers at TorqueStrong have been amazing, to say the least. Going back to my initial statement….. coming in to the challenge I thought I could hand with the group. I was sadly mistaken. I thought I was in decent shape but the challenge was hard! After the first week I questioned whether I wanted to keep this commitment- That’s Right! COMMITMENT, Commitment to the program, to my group, to my trainer, and to MYSELF. YES, Linda Moore will follow the guidelines of the program and see it through to the end! 

StrongBodyChallenge Lynchburg VA

Eight weeks have come and gone and I am so thankful that I endured the early mornings, enormous amounts of water, food prep, sore muscles, and MOST IMPORTANTLY meeting new friends to work out with!

TorqueStrong, especially Sean and Gentry, have been nothing but supportive. Their genuine passion for health and wellness of their clients shines through with every push of another rep, every “you got this”, every “good job, and every “keep up the good work”. They have pushed me both physically and emotionally. 

😎Summer Specials😎

Alydia Bryant

Summer is finally upon us and you know what that means: fun in the sun, kids are home, sunbathing, and fresh juicy fruit by the pool! There is nothing quite better then the relaxed feeling that summer weather brings. I love how much more time I get to spend with my friends and loved ones with cookouts, pool parties, and outdoor adventures. So, to share my love for summer, TorqueStrong is offering semi-private specials!!! 50% off semi-private training sessions if you sign up a friend! We are only running this special through August so hurry up and sign up today. 



Here are 5 reasons why you should start training with a friend: 

1. You'll be more motivated

 Starting a new routine at a new gym can often be intimidating. The fear of not being fit enough, coordinated enough, or dedicated enough can often creep in and keep you from making that change that you so desperately desire. When you commit with a friend you are there for each other and ready to encourage one another through the challenges.

2. Your workouts will be more fun 

First, training with TorqueStrong is already loads of fun, but adding your best friend brings more joy and laughter to the table. Exercising and being healthy shouldn't feel like a chore. It should be enjoyed. So get off the treadmill and elliptical and call your friend! learn new skills that propel you towards your goal!

3. You'll work harder 

Alright this doesn't mean you need to get all competitive, but rather you will push each other harder! You've invested time, energy, and money to do this together and you desire to see your friend succeed just as much as yourself!

4. You'll have extra accountability

It's a lot harder to stand up your friend because you just don't feel like going to the gym. They will call you out. Motivation from a friend will spread like wildfire!

5. You don't have to do it alone

This one speaks for itself. But seriously nothing says best friends forever like seeing (and accepting) each other sweaty and gross.

 No one delivers results like TorqueStrong, read our testimonials to see for yourself.

Click this link to sign up today. Sign Up or email for more info. You know you and your friend are ready!!! 

How the Kettlebell has made me feel better, pain free and stronger.

Alydia Bryant

There are so many reasons I have loved getting strong. Those reasons come in a very wide variety. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I loved  the physical changes that have occurred in my body as I become stronger. Ive been welcomed into many new communities and friendship through my pursuit of strength. I have felt better and learned to take proper care of myself.  I have grown in confidence over the last few years (Light Years). Strength has taught me discipline and humility. People have many reasons for getting strong. I wish more people would! Being StrongFirst has remarkably changed my life.

When I was younger my back and shoulders always hurt or were tight. I would run miles and feel like my hamstrings could snap at any moment. I would beg my father to rub my shoulders at night. I would pray that my soreness would go away before tomorrow so I could do it all again. I have always been active but it wasn’t until I started learning the Kettlebell that I learned the difference between soreness and “aches and pains.” I hate the phrase “No Pain No Gain” but thats for another day. I will never forget the day I was doing kettlebell snatches for my work out at a local Physical Therapy office where I interned. A women who was a personal trainer watched me and later asked if they hurt my shoulders… I wanted to say if they hurt I wouldn’t have done 100 with 16 kg but It didn’t. You see, sometimes its not the tool that we are using or even the lift that we are performing that causes pain. Rather, its our technique or our programing. We use a phrase in the kettlebell world “Respect the bell” That means finish every rep with integrity. Never go to failure. Technique is important with every single rep. Sometimes this is really hard to practice. We have been trained to think we must “go hard or go home.” But we get better results when we work efficiently rather then on empty.

 There are days when your body needs rest and It fights you as you try to be stronger... That is ok. You should listen to it. If you don't you could end up hurt...and weak. The STRENGTH it takes to say no is more impressive then the desire to continue when your body is telling you no. The  definition of strong: to be able to withstand great force or pressure. I have seen first hand how getting physically stronger has boosted my self and my clients self-efficacy. When you lift a really heavy weight for the first time…a weight that at one point seemed impossible, you feel a sense of pride. It is a sense of pride that caries over into every aspect of your life. We were designed to work. We were designed to accomplish things in life. We were not meant to just sit back and let life get us down. Trials make us stronger. Heavy weight makes us stronger. Being strong enough to go through life makes us better.   

There are so many reasons why you should add strength training to your life. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. You can start very simply but you should consider that whether you are a man or a woman, you begin to lose about 1 percent of your bone and muscle strength every year after your 30s. Strength training has benefits that go well beyond the physical appearance. Your balance and coordination will improve, as will your posture. If you have poor flexibility and balance, strength training can reduce your risk of falling by as much as 40 percent. If you have arthritis, strength training can be as effective as medication in decreasing arthritis pain. Our joints are avascular so movement helps them receive blood flow. Strength training can help post-menopausal women increase their bone density and reduce the risk of bone fractures.  Strength training along with other healthy lifestyle changes can help improve glucose control. It will elevate your endorphin levels which will make you feel great and happy. As if that isn’t enough to convince you, strength training has also been shown to be a great antidepressant, to help you sleep better, and to improve your overall quality of life. When you have a higher muscle mass you burn calories during strength training, and your body continues to burn calories after strength training. More calories are used to make and maintain muscle than fat, and in fact strength training can boost your metabolism by 15 percent. 

So If you are on the fence as to whether or not you should engage in a strength training program I highly advise you to start to day! But warning! If you find more aches and pains…. you have trouble performing daily activities then maybe you need a better programming. Seek out a professional who can help you learn proper techniques and lifting mechanics. As we like to say “you only get one spine…DONT screw it up!” Please don't be afraid of the Kettlebell its not its fault that people have used it incorrectly! Its really a quite beautiful thing and I hope that one day you can love it too!