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  • How exactly should a woman exercise during pregnancy for best care and health for her and her baby?
  • What forms of exercise are safest during pregnancy?
  • How do they compare to one another?
  • Is yoga better than strength training?
  • What forms of yoga?
  • Is Pilates better than running?
  • If a woman is strength training in pregnancy, which exercises are contraindicated and which ones are recommended?
  • How many sets and reps should she do?
  • What’s the optimal intensity of effort and load?
  • Which progressions and regressions are safe in each trimester?

In recent years, recommendations by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American College of Sports Medicine have added vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise (not HIIT) for pregnant women who are trained, recommending that they can continue to exercise at this level of intensity. So, what should pregnant women do? In the past, there was an over-abundance of caution for women who were pregnant. They were told that they shouldn’t exercise or lift anything over 10 pounds. We know now that this isn’t necessarily the best advice. Using evidence-based practice (EBP), we’ve created best practices  AND understand how to coach you before and after pregnancy!