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In Home Privates

Personal Training, individual attention, personalized results based on your health, fitness, and nutritional goals..

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Individual attention. It’s very rare these days.

Why is TorqueStrong's private, One-on-One Personal Training different?

Quality of our Trainers. Every one of our expert Personal Trainers has a certification from a Nationally Recognized, Accredited Certifying Body and/or they have a degree in Exercise Science, Kineseology or a related field.

YOU are the priority. Your Personal Trainers 100% focused on YOU.


Attention to detail. Nothing escapes our attention. We work with you on everything from balance to building strength and power. Every aspect of your fitness gets our attention.

 Relationship. No one else has the family atmosphere that we have at TorqueStrong. Everyone here is treated as family. Our Trainers don't compete with one another, we collaborate. Our relationship with you is our #1 priority.

Accountability. But we do know when you’ve attended your personal training sessions and when you haven’t. And we contact you when you haven’t. We don’t let you slip through the cracks and disappear from your program with us. We make sure you get the results you want and deserve. If a family emergency happens you can expect us to check in on you. Our staff cares about you.

 Its not about getting in to shape its about overcoming challenges and changing your life. This is truly what sets us apart from our competition. We are here for your long-term success. Torque can be thought of as a twist to an object. We all know that life is full of challenges and obstacles. At TorqueStrong our sole purpose is to help you create strength in the moments that push and twist you through life.