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"Out of 5 I would give a 10! I'm not sure if I can tell you in a simple review how important my training experience with Alydia has been to me, but I feel like it has helped me make a positive lifestyle change. I had lost a good deal of weight and was making some positive choices in regards to my fitness during the year before I started personal training with Alydia, but I had reached a plateau on my own. I have worked with her almost a year and a half now. Since I started working with her she has helped me gain strength, an awareness of/improvement in my nutrition, increased endurance, and more self confidence. I injured my shoulder (outside of training) and really had a difficult time getting to a resolution, but Alydia checked in with me during my time away from training, kept me positive, and has been working diligently with me to help me get back to the level of fitness we had achieved. She is always willing to describe how to do an exercise/what it should feel like in several different ways until I understand it, which is really important to me and the carryover of skills into my home routine. She is always supportive, uplifting, and I really feel like she's in this fitness journey with me. I would, and frequently do, recommend working with her at whatever level of fitness you currently have. It will be well worth your time and invaluable to your fitness/health! "~Karla C.~
"The A12 programming began on my level, and then propelled me forward... right past any goals I had in mind." ~Mitchell B.~
"Alydia is amazing! My husband and I started going to her to learn the craft of the kettle bell. Alydia made it an exciting yet challenging environment. We both thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to our workouts with Alydia. She is patient, knowledgable, helpful and works very hard to grow daily and expand in her area of expertise. Go see her! You won't regret it I promise!" ~Brittany B.~
"I began working with Alydia when I was about five months pregnant and started having low back pain and felt like I needed help knowing how to approach staying active differently through the rest of my pregnancy. I had never gone to a personal trainer before, and found the experience very helpful. Alydia was encouraging and attentive,and was able to help me focus on strength and flexibility that helped me approach my first birthing experience with more confidence. As I got closer to my due date, Alydia gave me suggestions for things I could do after birth that would help get me back in shape safely. She worked around even my oddest pregnancy symptoms, like when my grip was weak and I had a hard time supporting my weight with my hands on any props. 
Once I was able to return for some classes after the birth of my son, Alydia continued to be attentive and encouraging. I find that she has been able to assist me in classes and give modifications if I need them in an aware and encouraging way. I always feel that I am working at *my* challenging level, and I never feel out of place with some of the more advanced students. Even with my spotty attendance (I haven't quite nailed down consistent babysitters), Alydia is following and encouraging my progress and gives me suggestions of very manageable little things to do at home throughout the day to improve my strength. She continues to be a valuable resource for me." ~Jennifer C.~
"Amazing training. The results I've gotten just in the last few months are phenomenal! Always fun and great guidance and attention to detail in form!" ~Lauren A.~
"I'm so happy pregnancy is only for a short season, and even more happy that strength training can be continued throughout pregnancy! I've taken many many classes with Alydia and I always leave feeling strong and rejuvenated. This is my first pregnancy and I'm still surprised by how many changes my body is going through. Regardless of where I was at in my pregnancy, Alydia helped modify any challenging positions and I'm still strength training with KB's at 35 weeks. I highly recommend strength training with Alydia while pregnant and DEFINITELY before and after pregnancy to maintain/gain strength and an overall sense of wellness." ~Joanna N.~

"I 100% recommend working with Alydia – she has really taken me from the basics to thinking more about engaging specific muscle groups when I work with the kettelbells. I have gotten so much stronger over this past nine months and have better mobility now than ever before. Alydia is always spot on for challenging me with the right weight knows when it’s time to increase it or try more difficult exercises. I’m so excited for the Amazing 12 to start in January. It’s going to be great to see everyone’s results pay off. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration, Alydia!" ~Erin E.~

"I recommend this highly during Pregnancy!!!TorqueStrong and Alydia's expertise is excellent. I am 33 weeks pregnant and have experienced strength gains while pregnant. Alydia has laid out a great program and it has seemed effortless to reach goals. I plan on training with Kettlebells and Alydia until the day I deliver, and will pick them back up as soon as I can. If I can do it, anyone can do it!!!" ~Courtney E.~
"Alydia thank you for the start in my kettlebell journey and keeping it fun, informative and real…we’ve just begun!  " ~Darin M~
"Alydia has been GREAT to work with! She has been meeting with me in the early hours of the morning, on time and without complaint. Her positive attitude and eagerness to teach me makes me even more excited to workout. Alydia personalizes each workout to fit where I am and to challenge me, ensuring that I am becoming stronger each time. 
She is always encouraging, and she has an eye for form–being able to explain how to correct something in a way I understand–a very valuable trait for an instructor! I did not workout with kettlebells before meeting with Alydia, but they have definitely become a permanent fixture in my house!" ~Kathleen O.~
"I had personal training with Alydia throughout my pregnancy with my second child and it helped me to stay strong, I had little to no back pain, no injuries and really felt great through all 3 trimesters. She adapted the exercises to meet my needs and I truly believe my fitness helped me to have a wonderful natural delivery and fast recovery! Took all the "negatives" out of pregnancy, why not have another one?! :-)" ~Lauren B.~
"Outside of high school sports, I have never had a trainer. Up until recently, I felt like I didn't need one because I thought I was pretty good at motivating myself and decently knowledgable about fitness. I have stayed relatively the same size throughout my 20's thus far ( + or - five lbs) but I haven't really gained any strength or definition. As a friend of Alydia's, I have watched her in her own journey grow immensely in her strength and fitness abilities. I was intrigued by her passion for fitness, strength, technique, and consistency so I jumped on the opportunity to experience her classes. Honestly, I was a little skeptical that being her friend (and family) would make it awkward or would negatively impact our trainer-client relationship. I couldn't have been more wrong. Alydia doesn't let who you are, what you do, or where your at in your fitness journey interfere with training. She is invested in each client and really focuses on giving you all the tools to be successful. One of the things I love most about working with her is that even in a group setting she is attentive to my form and aware of my limits. Alydia sets goals but also is realistic in modifying those goals. I leave everyday feeling stronger and more motivated than the day before. I am truly amazed at how much I have learned from her thus far and I look forward to everything I will learn from her in the future." ~Marlee B.~
"I loved training with Alydia!! She is so knowledgeable and encouraging, and she consistently motivated me to work my hardest. I would still be training with her if I lived in the area. She is truly awesome!" ~Jessica S.~